About Membership

Why Join Pi Kappa Lambda?No one joins an honor society unless by invitation duly voted and extended by a chapter in accordance with its Bylaws and National Constitution. Why try to meet the criteria of the Society? Here are a few answers:

  • Pi Kappa Lambda is an honor society, not an honorary recognition society or a professional fraternity. Membership is earned—it is a real honor.
  • Meeting Pi Kappa Lambda’s criteria means excellence, which, in turn, means distinction.
  • Membership is open to men and women. Pi Kappa Lambda is discriminating—never discriminatory—in insisting upon high quality in the schools to which charters are granted; strong faculty, ample library facilities, the best conditions for performance, study, and practice.

MembershipConsideration for membership is based upon the following regulations:

  • seniors must be in the upper one-fifth of their class;
  • juniors in the upper one-tenth of their class;
  • graduate students must have grades of A (or the equivalent if letter grades are not used) in two-thirds of their graduate studies.
  • Faculty members may be elected to membership in accordance with regulations stated in the National Constitution.

Nominations and elections are the responsibility of the Faculty Committee of the chapter.